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No matter how I have been, you’ve always stood by me.
What is a father-in-law I don’t know. In you, a perfect father I see.

~ unknown

My “father-in-LOVE” passed away just an hour after my arrival…” 

shared in grief a colleague of mine the sad news on Thursday, last week.

* * *

That event seems to have shattered the world around him as he had known his father-in-law for more than 30 years. They have lived close by and have supported each other’s families in good and tough times. 

I tried to digest the information, feeling compassionate for what has happened. The loss of a close family member always leaves dear memories in the hearts of those who stay behind to continue the journey of Life. 

What touched me deeply was the expression my colleague used when he said:

my father-in-love
instead of
my father-in-law.

At first, I thought I didn’t hear it well, but he repeated the same phrase again with equal emotions and empathy towards the lost father.  

I found the expression “my father-in-love” much more appealing and inspiring, despite the word-play and the genuine grammatical mistake. I decided that it will become a part of my vocabulary, as it brings the essence of human appreciation to elderly parents.
And to the parents of your life-partner.

I am not fortunate to know my “father-in-law” and have always felt the void of missing that figure in my Life as a young husband. I expected Life to grant me the gift of having such a person so I can learn from him about the fatherly love to a daughter (who is now my partner-in-life). 

However, I am blessed to have a mother-in-law, whom I dearly respect. I am grateful for having her supporting presence. From now on, I would call her “my mother-in-love”.

* * *

Today, I invite you to take a minute, pick up the phone, and get in touch with your parents-in-law.
Ask them how they are, how they fare in Life, what they might need.
Spend a moment to listen to them with the intent to be there for them.
Appreciate their words and seek wisdom in them.
Express your gratitude.  

Love your parents-in-law, as someone else loves your parents as well. 

You might be a parent to a daughter or a son. When they marry, imagine who you would want to be for the other “side” – a parent-in-law or a parent-in-LOVE. It all depends on you.

Today. Today is all you have.

Choose wisely who you would want to be when the time comes.

We are mathematical equations where your life is the sum of all choices you’ve made until now.
The good news is you can change the equation so that you start making a difference in your life.

~ Steve Maraboli

In mathematics, an equation is a statement that asserts the equivalence of two expressions that have the same value.

In daily life, I encounter things that carry the same meaning and hold the same value. Only … we seem to be very busy to make a pause, realize them, and appreciate their accuracy.

Here are 12 equations I learned through my life journey. I call them, “Life equations” – made up statements between two expressions, which carry the same meaning in Life, for me. When I hear the left expression, I think about the one on the right. The latter carries a special meaning for me – a pearl of precious wisdom, which I should not forget.

These equations help me stay focused. They keep me sane and sober in challenging times. They make me stay above the ground, embrace reality, and strive to be a better person every new day.

I want YOU to have them, as well, so you can sale through Life with confidence:

Imagine = Freedom

Imagining is seeing inside in your mind what is invisible outside of your mind. Allow your imagination to go wild and see how free your mind will become.

Dream = Hope

When we dream, we visualize our desires. Desires are the beginning of each creation. With each creation of ours, we hope to make a difference in the world and our lives.

Knowing and not doing = Not knowing

How many times we follow a class or listen to lessons, and we fail to take action? Can we really know without ever doing it? It is not important how much we know, but how much we do.

Giving up = Betraying yourself

When you give up, you eliminate forever the chance to reach your goals. This is the highest betrayal you can do to yourself. Then it is time to start loving yourself more.

Social Distancing = Awareness

Lately, we were asked to socialize differently than before. In that process, we became highly aware of our true needs, strengths, and values. Awareness is, thus, the foundation of self-understanding.

Retrospective = Personal Growth

Sincerely reflecting on your past and learning from it will make you grow beyond imagination.

Momentum = Perfection

Grabbing the Momentum is your best chance to reach Perfection in any aspect of your Life.

Socializing = Miracles

Socializing with others creates miracles you’ve always dreamt about.

Community = Atomic Power

You don’t go through Life alone. Friends, family, and social communities are giving you the power to excel. Choose your social environment carefully and boost your energy for Life.

Excuses = Death

Excuses result in no action and no growth. Those who don’t move and don’t grow, die.

Education = Catalyst

Education is the catalyst for knowledge. Applied knowledge leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to Fulfilment.

Uncomfortable = Growth

Life starts outside of the comfort zone. Hence, being uncomfortable means that you are growing. Welcome to being a human being 🙂!

I cannot teach anybody anything.
I can only make them think.

~ Socrates
Greek philosopher, credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy.

I‘ve been following Simon Sinek for some time. 

His idea of “Start with Why” has been a guiding light for me during the past decade. He has created a whole movement behind this concept and inspired people ever since. His book explains why a person must have a WHY for every notable action he or she takes, as it defines that person’s attitude towards him- or herself. When the personal WHY is cultivated and centered, one can devise a WHY for a family, for a community of people, for a giant business corporation, even for a whole country. That is what matters!

In the words of Simon, the WHY is related to “your purpose“, “your cause“, “your belief“. One can go even further and ask existential questions like,

Why do you exist?” or

Why does your organization exist?” 

Powerful questions inviting some serious retrospection, right?

Hey, did you notice that there are a lot of “YOU” in the sentences above?

It is because it all starts with YOU. Whatever you do – the way you think, dream, communicate, feel, act, and be – begins with you. All your thoughts and behavior culminate in the things you conceive, like purpose, cause, beliefs, relations, businesses, etc. 

The WHY often stems from your vision about something. You could have a vision only when you know yourself and what you want (desires, dreams, passions, hopes, cravings, expectations, etc. ). 

Your vision is the destination you want to get to from where you currently are. Reaching the vision is like operating a navigation system: the destination is your vision, your target goal. And if you know where you want to go, you also need to know where you are right now, so the navigation system can map your journey properly.

Should you wish to have clarity about your voyage, you need to know the starting point, the current state. That is to know yourself as a starting point of that vision – to know YOU before your WHY.

The WHY is explained through YOU

We are social creatures – we seek others with whom we communicate and interact. However, if you can’t reveal to others why you do the things you do, nobody would be able to understand you, relate emotionally with you, do business with you, vote for you, get inspired by you, or want to be a part of what you do.

So, you must be able to explain your WHY to others. Yet, before revealing it to another human being, you must be aware of it within yourself – via a dream, a passion, or a necessity.

Let us say, if I don’t have a dream to invest in myself, I would not be able to explain WHY I want to invest in myself because I would not have enough self-awareness even to formulate an explanation. If I don’t have a clear passion for horseback riding, I would not be able to describe WHY I want to ride horses. If I don’t feel the need to have a business, how can I define WHY having it?

Being self-aware is the first step towards self-knowledge

You can start the process of self-discovery by asking yourself why you are doing the things you currently do. This enables you to realize who you are and explain your own nature.

Asking yourself WHY questions, helps you find more about yourself through the compelling way of being honest, open, vulnerable, and humble with yourself. That allows you to discover more of your inner values – find means to get rid of those that don’t serve you any longer and cultivate new ones that make you excel.

The more WHYs you ask, the more precise your reasons become. You’ll notice that every next WHY goes deeper into your heart and soul, to reveal the real truth behind the reasons you give, sometimes to the point of emotional pain. Still, playing the WHY game is not easy – it requires you to be very honest with yourself. That is the key to find the true WHY(s) in your life.

Hence, finding the WHY requires you to know yourself, i.e., going through some serious self-discovery. It demands to look inwards. It requires working inwards so that YOU can find the reasons for your WHYs. In other words, you need to start with YOU before starting with the WHY.

The WHY changes as YOU evolve

Today’s WHY will be different from the future WHY. The WHY changes in time, as a result of an inevitable evolution – personal or corporate.

Apple has changed its corporate vision and mission statements over time, to reflect changes in the company from the time of Steve Jobs to the current leadership of Tim Cook. 

After a 74-year history, on MAR 9, 2011 Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) unveiled their new “Toyota Global Vision” for the future, which would serve not only to give direction to Toyota employees around the world but also to convey such direction to customers and the public at large.

In the lifecycle of every human being, there is usually a growth involved.

During the early years of our development, self-awareness is in its infancy – revolving around the basic human needs (love, shelter, significance, certainty, and variety). So, asking a kid WHY she does what she does, produces an honest answer, suitable for her age and development. Asking the same individual, the same WHY question, 20 years later, provides a different, probably more elaborate explanation. It is because the WHY depends on our development. The WHY is a direct expression of our inner state and maturity. So the WHY can change and depends on the change in the Self.

The self-awareness grows in time, bringing more clarity to the WHY you do the things you do. And more so, in time, the WHY changes due to new inspirations or circumstances

Here is my example of circumstance change: 

Before the current crisis, my WHY about “working”, was to save money for investment.
During the crisis, I worked to have bread on the table.
My WHY changed temporarily due to the circumstances.
But not my values.

And an example of a change through inspirations: 

A few years ago, I was not aware of my purpose. My WHY about living was materialistic.
Until I met people, who – with example and care – inspired me to open myself to others.
Today, my WHY is about being of high-service to others.
My WHY changed due to inspirations.
So did my values.

Whatever you do, your WHY grows together as YOU grow.
The WHY will never be bigger than YOU or grow beyond YOU because the WHY is a reflection of the YOU.

Finding more about YOU helps to find the WHY

When I refer to the process of self-knowing, I don’t mean that one needs to be a guru on self-help or a veteran motivational speaker.

Not at all!

I merely refer to the ability to know yourself. To allow yourself to know your inner world.

Hence, everybody can do it. And if you ask me, everybody should do it

The more one knows about the Self, the more the WHYs would make sense. When there are no answers to the WHYs, that person usually drifts through life, embracing the path of less resistance – existing without response-ability, being reactive to circumstances, hoping for miracles, blaming the whole universe for his failures. 

The WHY requires inner work. Working inwards produces the faith, the belief, the desire, and all that occurs afterward.

The work that needs to be done is within YOU first.

Start with YOU and then with WHY, because you are in the making of your own future and all the reasons behind. Only YOU can decide what your WHYs would be. 

Inspired by John Jackson, SFM Digital Experts Academy.

I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

~ Jimmy Dean,
American country music singer, actor, and businessman

Today is All We Have!

The Only Day We Have is Today

7:30 AM in the morning. The day promises a heavy rain. The sun is trying to squeeze a couple of sunrays through the thick clouds and warm the ground before the sky starts pouring.  I am walking the dogs, thinking about the tasks of my new day.

Half-way I meet an elderly man – a rain-jacket, a cowboy hat, large boots, and 2 large dogs, stepping closely next to him. Passing in a safe distance with my four-legged friends, I salute him cheerfully:

Hi, there! How are you doing?

Having the best day of my life!” – he says and his eyes twinkle.

I stop in my tracks digesting the reply I just got. It’s not every day you hear such words by a stranger, and that early in the morning, right? I feel compelled to understand, so I engage:
What makes today a special day for you?

Do you have yesterday, now?” – he asked plainly.

NO“, – I reply almost mechanically to the obvious statement.

Do you have the day tomorrow guaranteed and promised?

NO“, – I repeat, this time taking more than a second to grasp the meaning of the question.

You see, the only thing we have is Today. So I am having the best day of my life.
– the man cheers and smiles.

We exchange a few more words and head onwards on our journeys, to get home before the upcoming rain.

I say to myself,

If ALL that we have is Today, then I gotta make Today count ! “.

3 Little Wisdoms to Make Today Count

Because Today is the only day we have, we choose to have this day and live it to the best of ourselves. We can choose to be responsible for the present moment.

But how? How can we do that when the mind is constantly jumping from past to future, from memories to desires? How can we catch the presence and be in the “now”?

I came to learn 3 wisdoms that help me fully live my day today:

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

Keep Your Mind Open for New Opportunities and Experiences

They say, ships are safe at harbor, but that is not what ships are made for.

Try today to keep some open-mindedness and “see” new things. Embrace the risk of moving forward. Take the responsibility to embrace the unknown, and move on. If we stay in the comfort zone, Life would hide from us many journeys we would not take. Hence, what if we decide not to be afraid, have faith, and find the lessons of today?

We can trust the journey, even if we don’t understand it. Yet!

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

What If You Put Your Whole Heart and Soul Into This Day?

What if? What if you believe that you live each moment today with passion and purpose? Because each and every moment is worth it in its own way.

Many people are trying to find passion. I learned the hard way that passion can’t really be found. Trying to find the passion is like assuming that passion is hiding behind a tree somewhat.
Passion is not something you find in life. It is something you do.

When you follow your passion, others are attracted to you and your possibilities! Why put a ceiling on what you can achieve, make, create, earn, build, and be when you can have a life of your choosing?

A purpose, for me, is about working each day to become a better version of oneself. It’s about cultivating and strengthening the values that are most important to an individual person – peace, love, creativity, excellence, kindness, consideration, and service. Life purpose, for me, is more about being and becoming, rather than doing.

So, imagine putting your whole heart TODAY in something you do, with passion. Imagine being TODAY the person you want, with a purpose! How complete your day would be?

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

Give Yourself Another Chance Today

May be you are too hard on yourself? Maybe you feel like you have not achieved enough today? 

What if you give your self another chance? And another?

Well, call that finding-yourself. Call it growth.

When times are tough, the key is to remind yourself to move forward. And then do that for each moment.
Until moments become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days and months!
It isn’t easy, but in the process, you find yourselves stronger, wiser, possessing abilities you don’t know you had.

When everything seems broken, it is easy to find plenty of things to fix. As far as we know, the times of great adversity are the times of great opportunities. When there are problems in every direction, there is also a value awaiting to be created.

When everything is easy, we get lazy, but when things are tough, we get resourceful. So, choose to persevere. Make the choice to persist without exception. Perform tiny fixes today and do that one day at a time.

Have you made that decision? Resolve to do so and make today your best day ever!

At the start of the corona pandemic, I lost my contract, and since then – as we all know – the market has been rather quiet. I usually find a new engagement in a week, but now … all seem to be silent. Nowadays, even the head-hunters do not return my emails and calls. And I know I am not the only one today with the dilemma of finding stable income. Millions around the globe are concerned.

On the bright side, this time of project-lessness gives me plenty of opportunities to spend the so-much desired quality-time with my loved ones, and simply be there for them.

“Papa, Shouldn’t You be Looking for a Job?”

Our daughter is a passionate horseback rider, and she adores horses. If we approach a stable or a field with horses, she would be able to tell you the race of each animal with surgical precision and tell a short story about their characteristics. She wants to become a vet, so she could be of help to those animals and be their guardian.

No surprise that at home, we have pictures and drawings of horses and ponies everywhere. Her room even features a fluffy pink unicorn, which is bigger in size than her. She even invented her own game, called “playing horses”, which she enjoys with friends.

So, recently “having own horse” landed on the table as a topic of discussion. Of course, we are happy to encourage her to take responsibility for having such a large animal. On the other hand, for a 12-year old, that might be a bit “too much”, having in mind all the care and the time one needs to spend. And that on top of her school and other activities.

Hence, we tried to explain that we would consider having a horse once I have a more stable income. 

   “Because income is essential for our daily life, expenses and fun stuff“. 

I don’t know what has passed through the mind of my daughter, but she decided to take the matters in her own hands. Yesterday, I was busy finishing some accounting documents, and she asked me:

   “Papa, what are you doing? You should be looking for a job, right?

We sat, and we conversed a bit. I shared why all appear to be abnormal these days and how it affects schools, kids’ activities, work, people’s relations, economy, … maybe even the horses!

She seemed to comprehend the situation, and she pinky-swore to be of help. 

“There are Jobs in Sweden, Papi!”

A friend of hers was very excited because her mom had found a contract job in Sweden – a location, which is a good 2-hour flight by plane from us. In Sweden, though, they don’t have a lock-down – it seems the economy is slowly coming back on track: contract jobs are made available again. What an opportunity!

Today, my daughter locked herself in her room and came out after a couple of hours. Cheerfully, she announced that, on Google, she’s found me a couple of jobs in Switzerland. (she mixed it with Sweden .. ah, what the heck !).

 * * *

I was so much touched by the fact that my kid wants to help me in a difficult moment, and she does her utmost to be supportive. Her big motivator is getting a horse: if she helps me, I can help her. And what is more important: she seems to understand the concept of win-win!

This happening made me think that we shall see the light in the tunnel, and we’ll come out of the crisis as better people. In a world where kids find job opportunities for their parents, there is a place of hope and growth. 

I believe the last month has shown you how different Life could be for you and those around you. The initial euphoria of the new decade was abruptly replaced by fear and uncertainty. 

People wonder if their jobs are secure and whether their lives are safe. So, being in that abnormal space of anxiety, can you use the crisis as an opportunity?

Today, I am talking to YOU about opportunities in times of crisis. 

The world is not coming to an end. That I am sure of. So let us stop thinking about the effect of the “corona”, for a moment. We’re gonna figure that out. We’ve done it before. We’ll manage again. We, humans, are over-comers and survivors.

The New “Normal”

Today, we are facing new norms and a new reality

I’ve witnessed 4 crises in my life, and ALL of them taught me one simple lesson: 

“Every adversity is the seed of a potential opportunity”

So, here is a question for you: If today you give up to your fears, how would that help you and those who depend on you? Can you sustain your family financially with fearIf you come from fear, fear is what you will find, namely: a dead-end.

Ask yourself instead:

How can I use the current situation as an OPPORTUNITY to grow?
To become better in my everyday life?” 

Think for a moment, where you would be in 3-4 months if you decide to dedicate nowtime to learn a new skill, use your interests to help someone, find out what you truly want. Where would you be? Who will you become? 

So, I invite you today: Stop being a victim of the crisis or a CNN-news-zombie.

Change the scales. Change it today.

Today, when most of us are stuck at home or locked down, what we have in abundance is “Time” – time to think, to act, and to find out what we want from Life.

What if you use that time to invest in yourself. Boost your knowledge, improve your relationships, work on your health, read that book you always wanted to read.

And one more thing: Thank God, today, we still have the Internet, so we can stay connected with the world. We are entering the time of social distancing, but not of social indifference. So, you can use the internet to create opportunities.

You may wonder how to do that. Here are a couple of simple steps to consider:

(1) Start by learning. You can use the time to learn how to turn your passion and abilities into an income-producing activity. And still, be safe in the coziness of your home. Now, more than ever, learning a new skill will be THE way to overcome the crisis. 

(2) Create something of value for others. I am sure you have something you can share with others. Everyone has something to offer and teach. Even if it is something trivial like “how to entertain kids at home” or “how to bake a cookie monster“. 

Give that knowledge to people. Share it with a smile. Online. (There is no other way today, anyway.) People will be happy to reward you – one way or another. 

Choose to follow these two simple steps, and you will be able to turn the anxiety into an opportunity.

Don’t Waste the Crisis Sleepwalking!

Be strong, and be a light beacon for others!

Be an example of how to use the crisis as an opportunity. 

Start today. And stay safe!

Use the Crisis as an Opportunity

Invest in yourself today, to re-skill, and learn how to become financially secure.
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Lately, everybody has locked themselves down – in closed doors, behind the curtains, respecting the “social distancing”. Outside, people are passing you by, from a distance. It seems nobody is looking at you. The eyes are facing downwards, searching for clues. The minds are busy comprehending the reality. Smiles are rare. Hardly someone whispers “hello ! “.

You might have the impression that … nobody is noticing you. Like nobody is paying attention to you.  

Yet, let me remind you that today – more than ever …

People are looking at you 

They are looking at your actions, your response or the lack of it. People are seeking – with no words – your kindness and your wisdom.

I notice: My son looks up to me for answers. The family is looking for moral support. Neighbors share their concerns with me, hoping to hear soothing words. 

Today, people are watching you.
So, I encourage you to choose.
hoose to be the parent, the son, the mentor, the leader – the one who positively impacts those around you. Even if we are going through troublesome time, be the one to invigorate and guide.

Replace “you will get through that“, with “we are gonna get through that“. There is a quintessential difference, as people now desire to feel they belong together. Let them find comfort in your actions. 

These are unique times, people! 

We have the unique opportunity to be positive and mindful, for us and those we influence.

And if you feel down, reach out to me to remind you that we have this incredible opportunity to impact other individuals.

Because, you know, I am also looking at YOU as a reminder that I need to be an inspiration for others.

Why should you wait another moment to live your best life?

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The world is not coming to an end. Stop talking about the corona, for a moment.

We are gonna figure that out. We’ve done it before.
We are over-comers and survivors.

We are faced with new norms and a new reality.

People still need time to adapt. While human lives are the primary care at the moment for our governments, we — as individuals — need to be concerned about the health of the mind. Especially in those tough times.

I invite you to learn how to respond effectively.
We can determine how to make better choices.
We can decide how to spend our time in the coming weeks.
We can choose how to feed our minds and souls.
We can choose who we want to meet and not meet (due to social distance).
We can choose how to love.
We can choose to let go of what we cannot control.
We can consciously define what we think.

And that becomes how we live ahead.

Why should you wait another moment to live your best life?

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Schools are closed as of Monday. The kids are at home.

Nana woke up that morning. Realizing she is not going to school, she smiled, her eyes got naughty sparkles. She exclaimed:

     “Yesterday was Sunday. As of today, every day is a Sunday”.

It took me a couple of seconds to reflect on my daughter’s words.
There are so many ways to think about Sundays, like … Sunday could be a day of the Sun, or the day when the Sun is most prominent, or when the Sun is everywhere – even in our hearts.

For Nana, Sundays are mostly the days we are together and we do “things”. She is active and creative, so by the end of the weekend, I usually need another weekend to replenish my energy level.

As of today, we’ll have plenty of time for ourselves

We can chase the young butterflies, read our book about unicorns, sit in the hammock, watch the stars, dream about the summer, or simply do nothing. Just being together.

I am sure for her, the time that’s ahead of us is so desirable and exciting – kids have their own easy way to make things simpler. For her, Sundays are making our family whole.

We can learn a lot from our children about how to appreciate the present moment we are in. Kids have an innocent perspective of life and can teach us to be grateful for every gift presented to us. Even at times of treacherous adversities.

Children have little prejudices and mental brakes. Instead they possess enormous amount of cheerful attidute and a desire to grow.

A mental mini-paradigm shift

I closed my eyes and let my mind accept that long Sunday, which is ahead of us. I wish my mind learns to admit that Life is not only about working week-days, but is actually about the days that matter most for the whole family – the Sundays.

Today, faced with the unevitability to stay-at-home, I choose to appreciate the given opportunity and make quality time for my family, for those around me, and those I can influence the most (by still keeping my hands washed …)

This evening we’ll be playing again our favorite cards-play.
We can stay late, as tomorrow is another Sunday for us.

And after that, another one …

Why should you wait another moment to live your best life?

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Need more time ? Relocate to Mars!

While looking for ideas to effectively use my days and increase my productivity, I came to learn an interesting fact:

A day on the planet Mars has 25 hours

That is one whole hour more than what we have, here, on Earth! [1].

My mind started thinking frantically, trying to comprehend that information. Ideas for possible opportunities flooded my brain, depicted vividly with all the colors of the rainbow.

Think about what you could do with an extra hour per day !

We all recognize the desire of having more time to get everything done. That is our human nature: use all the time we have and fit all our “TO DO”s in it. Because on average, in 1 hour, you could:

  • write an article,
  • have dinner with friends,
  • go for a jog,
  • have a nap,
  • listen to a chapter of an audio-book,
  • meditate,
  • read a bed-time story to your kid,
  • play a game,
  • do a good favor to someone
  • practice the Yang Tai Chi long form of 108 moves,
  • learn to count to 100 in French,
  • or simply let your mind relax and enjoy the sound of your heart.

For me, that one-extra-hour-a-day will allow me to flourish! In a week, I will have seven more hours of freedom to do whatever I want – from family time and hobbies to creativity and work.

In a year-time that will result in the whopping 365 hours!

Let me give you an impression of how much 365 hours is if used in accumulation. Here are a few facts:

  • it is more than 15 calendar days in a year, so a good fortnight vacation
  • you can learn the German language to a comfortable intermediate level [2]
  • the light will travel from the Sun to Earth more than 2.630 times [3]
  • you will have about 9 working weeks of 40 hours each
  • around 5.475.000 babies will be born [4]
  • you can walk from Moscow to Vienna or from New York to Miami
  • if you write for 1 hour per day one page of your novel, in a year, you shall have a 365-page book!

Still with me?

Imagine having the additional 365 hours per year! That is a pretty lucrative and tempting opportunity, right? So, what I need to do is pack my stuff and prepare for a trip to Mars where I shall enjoy the extra 365 hours, which we – the Earthlings – do not have. I can make you a sincere promise: I will savor each and every one of those Martian hours. When I get back, I will share with you my experience, learnings, and the wisdom I will acquire.

Well, there is a little minuscule problem with that:

There are no regular flights to Mars yet !

It seems, NASA schedules the first planned flight carrying humans to Mars after 2030 [5]. And by the time they make those trips more frequent, for tourists like me, I might not be around to benefit or care, for what matters. Do I need to give up the idea?

Well, I can swallow the bitter facts and accept the reality: we have ONLY 24 hours per day to do all we need and want. Since we do not have control over that, we can choose how to spend those 24 hours wisely.

The greatest assets we possess

Time is a great asset. It is plentiful and is free.
Everyone uses the Time – to the best of the individual’s capacity and believes – to create a harmonious life. We have so many things to do and so many dreams to fulfill, so many people to meet, so many places to explore. Time is an issue. How can we get more of it? Alas, Time is limited – 24 hours per day. So Time cannot be stretched. At least not here, on Earth.

But I realize that I have another asset in my possession – greater than Time: my Mind. The Mind has an endless capacity to learn, analyze, innovate, conceive, and produce. Since my Mind is MINE, I am the one who controls it. I am the Master of my Mind – the infinite power there is. I can choose how to use my mind to improve my lifestyle and my well-being. I can train my mind to use the time it has per day to provide for me an abundant life.

We can take the time to think about what usefulness we can do for the hours we have in a day. We can make an effort to plan our day so that we can enjoy every moment of it, daily. Still, because the Time and the Mind are for free, many people take them for granted and neglect them, spending time for time-wasting activities and putting their minds to mindless occupations.

The universal way to train one’s mind is through education. Are we willing to invest in educating our minds with the time we have and the resources we can find?

We can learn to appreciate the 24 hours we have on this planet and learn how to optimize them for a balanced, joyful life. We need to make our 24 hours count because they do. Today and now.

Do not spend time lingering in the past or worrying about the future. It is about those two relentless eternities – yesterday and tomorrow – that steal from our time today. Use today’s 24 hours, and make them the best day of your life. That is all you have. Today!

In the course of the years, I learned the lesson:

Time is limited. The Mind is limitless.

Use ways to educate your mind. Apply this knowledge to better your life in all aspects – spiritual, mind-related, social, and physical. Invest in your 24 hours for all the things that allow you to become 1% better every day – as an individual, as a parent, as a friend, as a professional, as the being you want most want to be. Then after you reach 100% awesomeness, you will realize that you can be 101% and more!

How do you optimize your 24 hours and keep a balanced healthy life?

P.S. By the way, forget about Mars. That was a silly idea in the first place anyway!


[1] Mars is a planet with a very similar daily cycle as the Earth. A Martian day (referred to as “sol”) is approximately 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth; How Long Is One Day on Other Planets?

[2] Goethe Institut; Exams | CEFL level: B1; Goethe-Institut exam: Goethe-Zertifikat B1 (Zertifikat Deutsch); Instructional hours (45 minutes) needed: 350–650 hours.

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[4] The Speed of light is approximately 300.000 km/s. Therefore, the light travels from Sun to Earth for about 8,3 min.

[5] The first crewed Mars Mission, which will include sending astronauts to Mars, orbiting Mars, and a return to Earth, is scheduled for the 2030;  “Nasa’s Orion spacecraft prepares for launch in first step towards manned Mars mission”The Washington Post. Retrieved 2014-12-03 ; “NASA’s Orion Flight Test and the Journey to Mars”. NASA website. Retrieved 2014-12-01.

NASA is under presidential orders to land humans on Mars by 2033, and NASA-funded engineers are studying a way to build potential human habitats there by producing bricks from pressurized Martian soil; Johnston, Ian. “‘Incredibly brave’ Mars colonists could live in red-brick houses, say engineers”The Independent (April 27, 2017).