Stay intimately curious like a little kid

Much of what I stumbled into by following my curiosity and intuition turned out to be priceless later on.

~ Steve Jobs,
a pioneer of the personal computer revolution and Apple co-founder

Stay intimately curious like a little kid

Kids are ferocious learners.
The most asked question a kid asks is,

“Why are things the way they are?”

Their curiosity is a grand motivator for them to learn and grow.
They challenge everything they touch.

Kids don’t ask:
“Would I be able to do it?”
“What should I do?”
“I will not be able to do it, because … “
“How can I do it?”

They simply get curious about life, and they explore it with no hesitation.
Their impulse is to learn more and know more – about all there is to know.
Every day!

That is why they ask,

Stay intimately curious like a little kid

Until the kids become adults …

The adults start asking,
What?“, “When?” and “How?

as in:
“What if I do …”
“What if I don’t …”
“When I do it …”
“How would I do it …”
“What if I can’t … “
“How would I know … “

And we call this wisdom, huh?

What if we – the adults – stop questioning our WHY?
How about we focus on our decisions and inner strength?

Stay intimately curious like a little kid

How about we always remain curious?

Many people become a victim of doing-nothing, drifting with the knowledge learned at school.
I say: remain curious and learn new things, every day.

Remember: there are no victims in life.
There are only volunteers who choose to feel like victims. 

Choose not to be in the cycle of “winning and losing“,
but in the rhythm of “winning and learning“.

Today is the opportunity that we did not have yesterday. Today is all we have.
In this day, we can stay in the present and make that day count,
embracing the WHY we had when we were kids. 

So, learn today, anew. 

Be curious and allow your self to be teachable.
Permit others to donate knowledge to you. And do that regularly by continuously learning. 

Because learning how to learn is the most important skill to acquire. 

We are all given a gift of life: the gift of being alive.
Hence, it is ultimately essential what we do with this life. 

My advice?

Learn to grow and to win. 

Learn and stay intimately curious like a little kid. 

Stay curious!

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