We are mathematical equations where your life is the sum of all choices you’ve made until now.
The good news is you can change the equation so that you start making a difference in your life.

~ Steve Maraboli

In mathematics, an equation is a statement that asserts the equivalence of two expressions that have the same value.

In daily life, I encounter things that carry the same meaning and hold the same value. Only … we seem to be very busy to make a pause, realize them, and appreciate their accuracy.

Here are 12 equations I learned through my life journey. I call them, “Life equations” – made up statements between two expressions, which carry the same meaning in Life, for me. When I hear the left expression, I think about the one on the right. The latter carries a special meaning for me – a pearl of precious wisdom, which I should not forget.

These equations help me stay focused. They keep me sane and sober in challenging times. They make me stay above the ground, embrace reality, and strive to be a better person every new day.

I want YOU to have them, as well, so you can sale through Life with confidence:

Imagine = Freedom

Imagining is seeing inside in your mind what is invisible outside of your mind. Allow your imagination to go wild and see how free your mind will become.

Dream = Hope

When we dream, we visualize our desires. Desires are the beginning of each creation. With each creation of ours, we hope to make a difference in the world and our lives.

Knowing and not doing = Not knowing

How many times we follow a class or listen to lessons, and we fail to take action? Can we really know without ever doing it? It is not important how much we know, but how much we do.

Giving up = Betraying yourself

When you give up, you eliminate forever the chance to reach your goals. This is the highest betrayal you can do to yourself. Then it is time to start loving yourself more.

Social Distancing = Awareness

Lately, we were asked to socialize differently than before. In that process, we became highly aware of our true needs, strengths, and values. Awareness is, thus, the foundation of self-understanding.

Retrospective = Personal Growth

Sincerely reflecting on your past and learning from it will make you grow beyond imagination.

Momentum = Perfection

Grabbing the Momentum is your best chance to reach Perfection in any aspect of your Life.

Socializing = Miracles

Socializing with others creates miracles you’ve always dreamt about.

Community = Atomic Power

You don’t go through Life alone. Friends, family, and social communities are giving you the power to excel. Choose your social environment carefully and boost your energy for Life.

Excuses = Death

Excuses result in no action and no growth. Those who don’t move and don’t grow, die.

Education = Catalyst

Education is the catalyst for knowledge. Applied knowledge leads to wisdom. Wisdom leads to Fulfilment.

Uncomfortable = Growth

Life starts outside of the comfort zone. Hence, being uncomfortable means that you are growing. Welcome to being a human being 🙂!

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