The only day we have is TODAY.

Inspired by John Jackson, SFM Digital Experts Academy.

I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

~ Jimmy Dean,
American country music singer, actor, and businessman

Today is All We Have!

The Only Day We Have is Today

7:30 AM in the morning. The day promises a heavy rain. The sun is trying to squeeze a couple of sunrays through the thick clouds and warm the ground before the sky starts pouring.  I am walking the dogs, thinking about the tasks of my new day.

Half-way I meet an elderly man – a rain-jacket, a cowboy hat, large boots, and 2 large dogs, stepping closely next to him. Passing in a safe distance with my four-legged friends, I salute him cheerfully:

Hi, there! How are you doing?

Having the best day of my life!” – he says and his eyes twinkle.

I stop in my tracks digesting the reply I just got. It’s not every day you hear such words by a stranger, and that early in the morning, right? I feel compelled to understand, so I engage:
What makes today a special day for you?

Do you have yesterday, now?” – he asked plainly.

NO“, – I reply almost mechanically to the obvious statement.

Do you have the day tomorrow guaranteed and promised?

NO“, – I repeat, this time taking more than a second to grasp the meaning of the question.

You see, the only thing we have is Today. So I am having the best day of my life.
– the man cheers and smiles.

We exchange a few more words and head onwards on our journeys, to get home before the upcoming rain.

I say to myself,

If ALL that we have is Today, then I gotta make Today count ! “.

3 Little Wisdoms to Make Today Count

Because Today is the only day we have, we choose to have this day and live it to the best of ourselves. We can choose to be responsible for the present moment.

But how? How can we do that when the mind is constantly jumping from past to future, from memories to desires? How can we catch the presence and be in the “now”?

I came to learn 3 wisdoms that help me fully live my day today:

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

Keep Your Mind Open for New Opportunities and Experiences

They say, ships are safe at harbor, but that is not what ships are made for.

Try today to keep some open-mindedness and “see” new things. Embrace the risk of moving forward. Take the responsibility to embrace the unknown, and move on. If we stay in the comfort zone, Life would hide from us many journeys we would not take. Hence, what if we decide not to be afraid, have faith, and find the lessons of today?

We can trust the journey, even if we don’t understand it. Yet!

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

What If You Put Your Whole Heart and Soul Into This Day?

What if? What if you believe that you live each moment today with passion and purpose? Because each and every moment is worth it in its own way.

Many people are trying to find passion. I learned the hard way that passion can’t really be found. Trying to find the passion is like assuming that passion is hiding behind a tree somewhat.
Passion is not something you find in life. It is something you do.

When you follow your passion, others are attracted to you and your possibilities! Why put a ceiling on what you can achieve, make, create, earn, build, and be when you can have a life of your choosing?

A purpose, for me, is about working each day to become a better version of oneself. It’s about cultivating and strengthening the values that are most important to an individual person – peace, love, creativity, excellence, kindness, consideration, and service. Life purpose, for me, is more about being and becoming, rather than doing.

So, imagine putting your whole heart TODAY in something you do, with passion. Imagine being TODAY the person you want, with a purpose! How complete your day would be?

Amsterdam lockdown, lockdown in The Netherlands, winter in Amsterdam, beauty, nature, ice, silence, mirror effect

Give Yourself Another Chance Today

May be you are too hard on yourself? Maybe you feel like you have not achieved enough today? 

What if you give your self another chance? And another?

Well, call that finding-yourself. Call it growth.

When times are tough, the key is to remind yourself to move forward. And then do that for each moment.
Until moments become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days and months!
It isn’t easy, but in the process, you find yourselves stronger, wiser, possessing abilities you don’t know you had.

When everything seems broken, it is easy to find plenty of things to fix. As far as we know, the times of great adversity are the times of great opportunities. When there are problems in every direction, there is also a value awaiting to be created.

When everything is easy, we get lazy, but when things are tough, we get resourceful. So, choose to persevere. Make the choice to persist without exception. Perform tiny fixes today and do that one day at a time.

Have you made that decision? Resolve to do so and make today your best day ever!

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