Use The Crisis as an Opportunity

I believe the last month has shown you how different Life could be for you and those around you. The initial euphoria of the new decade was abruptly replaced by fear and uncertainty. 

People wonder if their jobs are secure and whether their lives are safe. So, being in that abnormal space of anxiety, can you use the crisis as an opportunity?

Today, I am talking to YOU about opportunities in times of crisis. 

The world is not coming to an end. That I am sure of. So let us stop thinking about the effect of the “corona”, for a moment. We’re gonna figure that out. We’ve done it before. We’ll manage again. We, humans, are over-comers and survivors.

The New “Normal”

Today, we are facing new norms and a new reality

I’ve witnessed 4 crises in my life, and ALL of them taught me one simple lesson: 

“Every adversity is the seed of a potential opportunity”

So, here is a question for you: If today you give up to your fears, how would that help you and those who depend on you? Can you sustain your family financially with fearIf you come from fear, fear is what you will find, namely: a dead-end.

Ask yourself instead:

How can I use the current situation as an OPPORTUNITY to grow?
To become better in my everyday life?” 

Think for a moment, where you would be in 3-4 months if you decide to dedicate nowtime to learn a new skill, use your interests to help someone, find out what you truly want. Where would you be? Who will you become? 

So, I invite you today: Stop being a victim of the crisis or a CNN-news-zombie.

Change the scales. Change it today.

Today, when most of us are stuck at home or locked down, what we have in abundance is “Time” – time to think, to act, and to find out what we want from Life.

What if you use that time to invest in yourself. Boost your knowledge, improve your relationships, work on your health, read that book you always wanted to read.

And one more thing: Thank God, today, we still have the Internet, so we can stay connected with the world. We are entering the time of social distancing, but not of social indifference. So, you can use the internet to create opportunities.

You may wonder how to do that. Here are a couple of simple steps to consider:

(1) Start by learning. You can use the time to learn how to turn your passion and abilities into an income-producing activity. And still, be safe in the coziness of your home. Now, more than ever, learning a new skill will be THE way to overcome the crisis. 

(2) Create something of value for others. I am sure you have something you can share with others. Everyone has something to offer and teach. Even if it is something trivial like “how to entertain kids at home” or “how to bake a cookie monster“. 

Give that knowledge to people. Share it with a smile. Online. (There is no other way today, anyway.) People will be happy to reward you – one way or another. 

Choose to follow these two simple steps, and you will be able to turn the anxiety into an opportunity.

Don’t Waste the Crisis Sleepwalking!

Be strong, and be a light beacon for others!

Be an example of how to use the crisis as an opportunity. 

Start today. And stay safe!

Use the Crisis as an Opportunity

Invest in yourself today, to re-skill, and learn how to become financially secure.
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