To SFM, or Not to SFM?

To be, or not to be” is the opening phrase uttered by Prince Hamlet of Shakespeare’s masterpiece Hamlet. It is when the prince questions the reason for living, lamenting the pain and injustice of life. What Hamlet is talking about is not his own individual being but rather the state of ‘being’ itself. A lot has been made of Hamlet’s apparent references to suicide in his monologue, and there is no denying that it was on his mind. What he is doing, however, is reflecting on the ending of life generally, speculating on what there is when one ceases to be or when one stops growing.

Today, this phrase is one of the most famous quotations in the world literature.

* * *

Yet, for me, that phrase is a way to challenge the status quo and question what it really means for a human being to develop and improve. This quote became my quest for discovering the real meaning of personal success and growth. Because, in Nature, when living things stop growing, they are dying. 

Recently, I changed the above phrase into To SFM, or not to SFM“, to reflect upon my journey of personal development and the investment I am ready to make for it. 

P.S. If you wonder what SFM is, so did I – a few months back. This is when I decided to be a digital entrepreneur and started learning the skills to become one. Of course, deciding and being are two very different things. Let me explain … 

* * *

The secret of Living is Giving

How often we meet people who want more of Life – more possessions, more abundance, better health, higher wisdom, extra riches?

The question I would ask is: “What are we willing to give in order to get what we want?“.

If we’re going to be a significant part of this Life, we need to bring significance to it. We need to give first! 

We can improve the Life around us, only when every one of us gets better in what they do and who they are. The work, hence, for a better Life needs to start within each individual, within every one of us. Because to be able to give, one must first find that gift inside. Therefore, it all begins by developing our inner gift – that unique combination of our body, mind, and spirit.


To change the external reality of a person, first, change that person’s internal reality

We all live in realities, which we create for ourselves, regardless of whether we are aware of that or not. 

For example, my health, my outlook, my work, my possessions, my earthly physical achievements, and my hobbies are all examples of my external reality. They are the things that surround me and are a direct result of what I am or have become. These are the consequences of my actions, which, in return, are results of my desires, believes, knowledge, value system, and will. Or of my internal reality

Hence, if I want to change my external results, I need to look first inwards – work on my personal and mental development, create values, services, and benefits. This would allow me to improve not only the things but also positively influence the people who are a part of my external reality.


To SFM, or Not to SFM?

My worth as a consultant has always been the value I bring to the clients and companies I work with. Becoming a digital entrepreneur demanded from me to expand my knowledge and learn new skills related to product awarenessmarketing, and inspiration.  

A few months back, I thought that acquiring new skills is all I needed – simply follow a learning trajectory, build your business system, market a product and, voila – the income will start pouring down from the skies. I was focusing on my external reality.

Little did I realized, at the start, that creating any type of business means primarily creating value for somebody or a solution to someone’s need. (If you take a more in-depth look at all the businesses that you know of today, they exist with one sole purpose: to solve a problem of some sort.)

This is how I discovered the Business Academy of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) – an education authority on the matters of entrepreneurship and digital business. The Academy offers the system, the mentorship, and the environment to support individuals – like you and me – exploring their true potential (!). Interesting enough, the first education modules are about self-discovery and finding one’s purpose. 

If I was about to learn how to create a business, I needed first to understand how to generate value. For others!

Creating a product, a service, or a concept that provides value demands hard work and creativity. It requires knowing my potential customers better than they know themselves, so to inspire (not to convince!) them that my product would solve their problem. People will trust my product only when they trust my own beliefs in the same product – whatever it is: advice about health, an innovation of preventing world hunger, a new superfood, a learning system, or a mental development strategy. People will believe in the product, only when I believe in it and passionately share its merits.

So the product I offer is a direct reflection of my own belief system. If I want my product to be of value, then I need to create that value first in my self. I needed to focus on my internal reality, first.

Regardless if it is via SFM or not, the inner work we need to do is a MUST for every one of us.

So, the question is not really “To SFM, or not to SFM“, but instead if “I am willing to invest in myself or not“, to discover my real purpose and the value I can bring to others. The answer to this question can be a personal one for every individual.

For me, whether I use SFM, a book, or an education, is less relevant. What matters is the fact that it all depends on me and my determination to grow. I would be the one doing the work and walking the path. SFM is an enabler, helping me to discover my true abilities, providing fast-track of learning, opening a universe of opportunities. It works as a catalyst, but I am the flame that needs to burn to produce the light.  

Success is defined with merely two letters: DO

I found that success is not an endpoint or a goal – it is the journey to get there. That is a journey of self-discovery, self-education, and self-enablement. In the end, it is the process that matters, and the person I would become by following that process. 

Day by day, bit by bit, I need to learn. I must acquire knowledge, which I apply in practice, where I can see the real fruits of the hard-learned lessons. Success is, thus, defined with merely two letters: DO

Here is my share for you: 

We are coming into a brand new decade where the way we create our lifestyle and success will massively change. 

Working on yourself is probably the best investment you can make in your entire life. Because only by developing yourself, you can lead, influence, inspire and support the people dearest to you, your social contacts, your community, and the entire World.

If you begin with a flaming desire to refine your life, add a good portion of faith, and set a draft plan of action, you are already on the quest to discover your better “self”. Since a desire, faith, and a plan are the key ingredients of a positive reality-shift. 

An old saying teaches that “All roads lead to Rome”. One can reach the ultimate goal using the highways through the valleys or riding the scenic road crossing the mountains. It is the journey that matters. Your personal circumstances, will, and wit shall guide you to take the best pathway of your conquest. 

Remember: every day of investing in yourself is one significant step forward. You get rewarded for your patience, discipline, and meticulousness. Through failures and adversities, you gain experience. Every day you see small signs of progress because things are getting into their places. You are productive and fruitful. You have improved a whole magnificent 1% of your being during that single day.

Only because you’ve never stopped DOING.

And this is when you start BECOMING …

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3 years ago

Well written and very thought provoking.

3 years ago

Nicely written Atanas, keep it going and all the best!

3 years ago

Inspiring and easy to read. Thumbs up!